domingo, 20 de abril de 2008


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--Buy energy efficient appliances and light bulbs.
(And later you can re-use bulbs in your Christmas tree and spend the power saved).

--Use clock and thermostats to reduce energy for heating and cooling.
(They are always more expensive and can be working 24 hours a day even if you are not at home)

--Weatherize your house: increase insulation (against neighbours parties mostly)

--Recycle (recycler enterprises will save a lot of money thanks to your help)

--Switch to renewable sources of energy (more subventioned, insufficient and clean –in this order)

--Call your power company to see if they offer green energy. If they don’t ask them why not. (Ask how happy they are thanks to your energy saving)

--Plant trees, lots of trees (and later built resorts and golf courses around)

--Speak up in your community. Spread the word (explain how China, India an others are spending in a few seconds what you are saving in a month. Spread the message that every time you leave your car to get a bicycle, a Chinese is doing just the opposite)

--Join international efforts to stop global warming. (Contribute to stop historical glaciations, 3500.000.000 is enough. Move the asteroids, specially the sun –but do it by night, risk of sunburns)

--Raise fuel economy standard: require lower emission from automobiles (Use bio fuel, so crops are more expensive and famine can be extended in the poorest countries)

--Learn as much as you can about climate change (Watch Al Gore’s film and discover the 8 errors)

--Change the world time twice a year (all energy a country can save is exactly the same that its antipode country can lost, moreover you will go later at work once a year –usually a Monday- cause you forgot to change the alarm clock )

--Then put your knowledge into action
(Meet detractor scientists and favourable ones to get the “Big Truth” and later demonise atheists of the new religion)

“Hope is always the first thing I lose” Anonymous

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