miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2007


I am quite agree with this opinion about being digerati extracted from http://www.edge.org

"I resent the shallowness of the critics who say that if you sit in front of a computer and participate in online conversations worldwide you are not leading an authentic life. I question the premise that one person can judge the authenticity of another person's life. Millions of people passively watch television all day long. Don't tell me that having an email relationship with someone on the other side of the world is less authentic than sitting alone and watching the tube. For many people, this new medium is a way of breaking out of the virtual world they already live in."
Howard Rheingold

jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2007


(Published in BBC News)

Sir: Regarding your article published on 13 November 2007 about “Spain royal sex cartoonists fined” I noticed your diary has not mentioned anything about what scandalous is to be judged by different rules depending on being privileged or not privileged. As a Spaniard, I am very upset with my law system. I am not keen on Monarchy validity; however I recognize the value of King Juan Carlos and observe his representation meanwhile my countrymen wish to keep this system as institution of Head of State. What is wrong and I think it is a hypocritical attitude by Royal Family is to ask to be considered a current Spaniard. Well, it seems not to be a current people when they are judged by different laws, specifically, cartoonists have been judged in relation with “Crimes against heir to Spanish throne”.
We have to distinguish between an affront to Monarchy, as a portrait burning, and a critic against Royal institution in an ironic way (exactly using the Monarchy as an element of highlight a government project, like to give 2.500 euros to each new birth as a method of raising the birth rate). I would like to ask to the people who back this sentence whether they are against political jokes too or kidding against current people. After all in these sort of jokes there is always a person who is humiliated or “vilified” (extracted from sentence).
The reaction of Arabic countries against satirical magazines drawing Mahoma was considered exaggerated to many people, and now it results that most of this people critic the behaviour of “El Jueves”, even more, have considered it a scandal. Is it not a scandal that a determined Family have the representation for life of a democratic country without being elected?
King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia do not I critic, even Prince Felipe too. They seem to me to be well trained to represent Spain, what I refuse is the institution by nature. In my idea of politics, men and women have to have the same opportunity, to reach head of state included and must be judged with the same rule. A society which does not laugh about itself it is a society unable to do self-criticism and progress. Humour is very important for a community. Is it also important to politicians? I don´t believe so.

viernes, 19 de octubre de 2007

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In a few days, I will publish my first post. Don´t disturb me with phone calls